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Sunday, January 06, 2008

More Top of the Pops

French Online site Chica-Chic always asks us for a run-down of our favorites at the end of every year and here they are for you. The list is in no particular order, although UGK's LP was my favorite release of the year and the Tes la Rock single probably my most exciting find and the song I lost it to the most on the dancefloor. All the best in 2008 (two thousand great!)

Top Ten Favorite Singles from 2007
1. Coki "Spongebob" 12" - DMZ Rec.
2. Kovert "Pressure Sound EP" - Sonic Belligeranza
3. Drop the Lime "Sky City Rising" - Broklyn Beats
4. Venetian Snares "Sabbath Dubs " 10" - Kriss Rec.
5. Appleblim / Shackleton "Soundboy's Ashes Get Ground Up and Snorted" - Skull Disco
6. Rusko "Babylon: Vol. 1" EP - Sub Soldiers
7. Kode 9 "Massive Music Find My Way (Kode 9 rmx)" 12" - Hyperdub
8. Tes la Rock "Round the World Girls" 12" - Argon
9. The Bug feat. Flowdan "Jah War" - Ninja Tune
10. UGK feat Outkast "International Player's Anthem" - Jive

Top Ten Favorite LPs of 2007
1. UGK "Underground Kings" - Jive
2. Rotator "Choose Your Poison, Mine is Hardcore" - Peace Off
3. Skull Disco "Soundboy Punishments" - Skull Disco
4. Maga Bo "Confusion of Tongues" - Soot
5. Panda Bear "Person Pitch" - Paw Tracks
6. Lil Wayne "The Drought, Vol. 3" mixtape
7. Disrupt "Foundation Bit" - Werkdiscs
8. Team Shadetek "Pale Fire" - SoundInk
9. M.I.A. "Kala" - Interscope
10. Trimbale "Soul Food Vol. 1" mixtape

Favorite Live Show - Boadrum 77 - The Boredoms' outside concert with 77 drummers on 7/7/07. Just imagine every drummer from every NYC band playing in a spiral in the park on a beautiful July afternoon with the Boredoms conducting. While at times overwhelming and lacking in focus, it was still a great time and free if you could get in ( the line stretched for almost a mile...)

Favorite DJ Set / Party - Mala at Dub War - With the collective consciousness that is the London-NYC dubstep continuum, I'd give it up to Dub War as a whole this year, but Mala's last set back in the fall was definitely a highlight. Dope dubplates, decent mixing and a sick soundsystem...