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Wednesday, February 27, 2008


We need an intern. Broklyn Beats and Applecore have continued to grow and we haven't had an intern in 8 months. It's starting to show. Less blog entries, more lateness, unfinished to-do lists. Nonetheless, we did catch up on 3 years of business taxes and managed to get ourselves planted here in blogland. Anyway, if you know anyone who would like to intern for us, please get in touch (info[AT] We can work with Universities to earn you credits for this and we are particularly interested in people with some graphic design skills.

Otherwise, we are doing fine here in Broklyn. This would be the dead of winter and it's actually winter for a change, snow on the ground and outside not being a fun place. I'm trying to spend the time engineering Doily's new project. We're transferring material from her old Korg sampler to Ableton Live and the results are exciting. I'm also slowly working on material again. It's been a 3-year break from production for me and it's nice to feel the blood bubbling again. I often blame the lack of studio production on office work, my day-job or my annoying weed habit, but I've begun to feel like there's just good times to take a break and reflect on what it is you're making and why. We have, however, started to catch up on debt and this year finds us almost caught up and still surviving, learning and growing. Just in time to celebrate our 10-year anniversary next January!

Doily and I have managed to release a few fun tracks lately. Love & Circuits compilation double CD is released next week on Parts & Labor's Cardboard Records. It's one of the first tracks we've collaborated on and I dig it. The comp. is a great slice of the local underground scene here in Brooklyn with 2 discs of trcks by Oneida, Aa, Japanther, Parts & Labor and their cool offshoots and much more. Order it here. Doily and I also did remixes of Interference, our friend David Linton's 1982 no-wave band, for local rad rock label Social Registry. The 12" is out soon with other dope tracks by our pals Toshio Kajiwara and David Last. The original and 8-bit remixes are also grand (can't remember who did the 8-bit thing...) Check out the Social Registry site.