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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Vinyl Thoughts

CMJ unofficial Broklyn Beats showcase went mellow, too mellow, but great tracks from Trouble & Bass using Serrato Scratch. More and more firends are rocking digital DJ systems leading a label guy like myself to worry. Mind you, it's no surprise to me that this is happening, especially after trying the new Torq system which goes for only $300, or more simply put, the price of 20 new Dubstep 12"s shipped from the U.K.! I do think vinyl and maybe CDs have a legit future on a specialty market level and Broklyn Beats has always been a noisy niche relatively unfettered by market impulses. Nonetheless, our audience (that's you!) have been a broke lot with amazing computer skills and more often than not, amazing computers. How will we fare making vinyl for this market? Well, we have plans for many less releases next year and are currently close to selling our entire catalog digitally. Maybe we can sell vinyl by having mp3 links etched in the inside groove of the vinyl?! I better stop here before a large rant begins... let it be said, however, that I don't fetishize vinyl, only the machines used to produce the sounds. The mediums will always change. I think vinyl will persevere...

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