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Monday, May 07, 2007

The End of Tonic, Part 3

It's been a few weeks since Tonic's closure, an odd space of time finding new jobs, showing up at job interviews only to have other Tonic employees waiting their turn. The final Pure Fire "Goodbye subTonic party" went down great with a sizable chunk of the downstairs performers showing up. It was the best sound system we ever had at Tonic accompanied by 4 visual people and my parents who had come from a Les Paul show to sit in the middle of a blisteringly loud set with a film of some French guy flying an enormous kite... Another highlight was the 8-bit grooves of Bubbly Fish playing with O blaat.

Yet another highlight of the final days was the all-employee 6-hour jam session of which I'll spare you the mp3s and leave you with the photo... although we did manage to record 5 hours onto CDs! I recommend any group of people who have been laid off to play music together for 6 hours!

The final night's show was a mad rush of work, containing a lot of drunk people who were very unhappy to see Tonic go. Doily and I ducked out before Marc Ribot was arrested, preferring to sleep after finishing work around 7 a.m. One last half-drunk look back at a long club night and the last of Tonic's. The next time I went by Tonic was a week later and all of the tons of detritus from the basement had been neatly piled in a massive dumpster. The End.

Pure Fire
got slippery over at APT last week, our first big move from an Eastside basement to a Westside basement. DJ Rupture tore it up alongside the Pure Fire Crew, including new resident DJ $mallchange. Thanks to everyone who came out to support! Next month we'll be hosting Balkan Beatbox, our favorite act from that whole energetic local scene. June 14th, baby. APT has a wicked system in a wicked room. Come early for our open bar from 9 - 10 and save a round or two!

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