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Monday, December 31, 2007


Our Fave music will be posted later alongside a DJ mix of said tracks. For now a larger look at my favorite items this year... probably to be edited more later...

0. BUSH IS ANOTHER YEAR CLOSER TO LEAVING OFFICE. I had a big rant on this topic, but realized none was needed.

1.OTHER PRODUCERS DISCOVERED DUBSTEP. A small, but talented new genre of London-centric producers helped rejuvenate a much larger contingent of electronic producer, from Si Begg to Bong Ra, techno to breakcore, (the Appleblim/Villalobos remix seeming to top the media.) These same producers helped rejuvenate dubstep's already dimming star. Maybe it's all just electronic music after all... Dubstep has worked hard this year, so maybe they deserve to spend their offnights patting each others' backs.

2. WE WATCHED TOO MUCH TV. Weeds, Sopranos, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Sportscenter, our own videos we had to sound edit, YouTube, Netflix, Top Chef, Globe Trekker, No Reservations, Weird Food, NBA< NFL< MBA, the fucking National Spelling Bee... GODDAMN I HOPE I GET AN iPHONE FOR KWANZA!!!!

3. NYC PARTIES. Most notably Dub War, whose dubstep parties on the old Twilo soundsystem harken 90's all-night memories, but also the Trouble & Bass parties and Funkworthy soundclashes... and our own Pure Fire. Pure Fire's what's become of my ability to promote in NYC. That is 20% of a 5-person DJ crew who holds it down when someone deems it hold-downable. We fight over timeslots, underpromote, overplay, overdrink, undersmoke, undereat and always stumble out relinquished of the need to legitimize our record-spending habits for another week. Guess it's time to make another mix CD. Happy holidays, here's a link to our summer mix.

4. BROOKLYN. Always fascinating, celebrating our tenth year here in May of 2008. Sure the yuppies are taking over the city, but fuck 'em. They're not on my block yet... maybe...

5. UGK. First, Pimp C was released from prison in 2006 and then, after a few delays, we saw the release of UGK's "Underground Kings" double CD. This was easily the best rap record of the year, especially if you pare it down to an 80 min. CDR without so many of the pimp tracks. This shit was played by me every day since it came out with about a week where I gave my roommates a break. Then Pimp C goes and dies last week of natural causes at 33. Damn.... buy this record - you won't be disappointed...

6. CORMAC McCARTHY Oprah hyped "The Road" a post-apocalyptic father-son zombie book and it shot back up the book charts. Then "No Country for Old Men" was made into a perfect movie. Try finding any of his less recent books in the library or book store. Chances are the one you're looking for isn't to be found, even in downtown Manhattan. An elusive author who truly sums up the American underbelly and underclass, McCarthy seems to be having his day in the sun in a year when he didn't even write a book.

7. VINYL Many people have already begun mourning the end of vinyl. Distributors have continued to go under and those who haven't have gotten further behind, waiting for their download shops to be built. Sales are definitely down, but somehow there's hope that the consumer will miss vinyl and enjoys taking home a nice package with good music instead of an overpriced CD or blah MP3. It's also been a great year to buy used vinyl as everyone and their sister decides that all they need in their life is a laptop.

8. PUNK BLOGS. Many of my favorites have already stopped caring about new entries, but from someone who spent all his money buying punk records only to sell them all for rent years later, it's great to have sites with full mp3s and cover art. Some serious gems, including this early Bad Brains track and this rare NYC squatterpunk blazer from Nausea.

9. RADIO. Internet radio to be exact. I didn't listen to as much as I would have liked but enjoyed what I did hear. DJ Rupture's weekly Mudd Up Radio On WFMU was always a treat, as was WreckTech's local Math & Science Show on WNYU. I will be hosting a 40-min. faves of 2007 mix in January on Amsterdam's wonderful Another Nice Mess show. Don't sleep... and all the best in 2008!!!

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wolfknuckles said...

i had never bought a record until this year. never owned a turntable. and i'm 30. going to pure fire at subtonic made me want to learn to mix records. and then i found out i could buy the records you were playing from you.

so i bought shitty turntables and the cheapo gemini mixer and now i play a wicked set for my girlfriend and my cat each night.