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Thursday, November 13, 2008


Back in Blog-land after a long break. Aside from Applecore Mailorder, Broklyn Beats has been on the quiet side this year. Our Pure Fire party had a good run over at APT until September when they fired the booking guy. We're now looking at Brooklyn Radio for a better outlet for our eclecticism. Broadcasts will start next month.
So what have we been doing all year? Well, paying off label debt and, as of December, we will be completely debt-free. After 10 years and 40 releases, we've managed to cancel the majority of our credit cards and not burn ourselves out too badly...
Speaking of 10 years, we're deciding what to do in a couple of months to celebrate our ten-year anniversary. Until then, we are slowly digitizing our catalog, starting with digital copies of our first 3 CDR releases from back in 1999. Those will also be available next month at Applecore Mailorder. For now, we offer you a couple unreleased remixes we've pulled out of the attic. First is a remix we (Criterion & Doily) did for Drop the Lime. It was meant for a double 12" remix release on Tigerbeat 6, but it turned into a single 12" called "Refixed"with all West Coast remixers.
The second is a raw mix of an afternoon with Brooklyn rapper Sensational from 5 years ago. He happened to be sleeping with a roommate after a loft party and we spent Sunday afternoon screwing around in the studio. Mind you, this was a rough blunt and beer afternoon, but Sensational really does sound the best under such circumstances...

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